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Halton private schools

Benefits of Sending Your Kids to Halton Private Schools

Jake Lovely Education

Looking for Halton private schools? A school is the first most important thing that can either make or break the future of your kids. Therefore, which school you choose is the most important thing for the happiness and success of your children’s future.

Halton Private Schools

This is the reason parents mostly prefer to send their kids to Halton private schools. However, they wonder if it’s really worth their money or not. There are many reasons why you should consider a private school:

Small class size:

Small class size is one of the main reasons why parents prefer to send their kids to private schools in Canada. In these schools, the student-to-teacher ratio is low. The average strength of students in each class is about 10 to 15 students. On the other hand, the number of students in each class of public schools is 25 to 30.

Teachers in private school classes can focus more and concentrate on each student. They can give proper time and attention to each student at one time and can develop to their fullest potential.

Halton private schools

Rate of graduation is high:

The rate of graduation in private education institutes is considerably high as compared to public schools. It is as much as 90 to 95 percent, whereas, in public schools, it is just 60 to 65 percent. The major reason for this difference is that 70 to 80 percent of teachers hold a master’s degree in that particular subject they teach.

Preset school structure:

One of the major reasons why a private school is more successful than a public school is due to the set structure of the school. Public schools have regulatory measures regarding student’s needs. It is basically a contract between parents and schools which makes the teachers accountable and answerable for the results of the students.

In public schools, there is no test required to get admission. But in private schools, there is a preset structure for all students. They have to pass the test in order to get admission for kids’ education. In this way, private educational institutes have fewer students.

Zero violence:

No doubt that private educational institutes are the safest in terms of violence. The teachers in these schools are not allowed to beat the students in any case. Teachers have to follow certain rules and standards of behavior.

These are the most common reasons why Halton private schools are beneficial for students and why parents should consider these schools over public schools.


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