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The Power Of Pregnancy Affirmations

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Every mother during pregnancy period is filled with scaring doubts and feels scared of the outcome. This is naturally normal. Thoughts are known to race in mind that question on the ability to be a good mother, whether you are eating well and if the body is ready to go into natural labour and others. Managing the thoughts, emotions, and doubts is crucial in enjoying your pregnancy and birth, and positive pregnancy affirmations help you to create a fantastic and unique connection between your body, baby, and partner.

Many pregnancy blogs put affirmation as the declaration of something real. Daily practice and repetition of affirmations or prayers leads to positive outcome hence helping to lessen the anxiety and fears by shifting all your negative thoughts to beautiful and positive ones. The way a pregnant mother about their body the pregnancy development, their partner and unborn baby always have either a negative or positive impact. It’s known that the baby takes part in your feelings, emotions, and actions and making a positive affirmation as part of your routine during pregnancy leads to a happy baby, partner, and mother.

Anytime a pregnant woman is engulfed with fear it’s advisable to take some time alone and focus on the positive affirmations and take calm breaths. Repeating of declaration loudly three times allows the words to soak directly into your entire being. It’s believed only the mothers get emotions of fear and worry, but even the fathers experience the same feelings. Hence they don’t portray them and the need to take part in affirmations too.

Making of the positive pregnancy affirmations part of your pregnancy routine is vital, and the best place to keep the written words is next to your mirror, bathroom, office wall, and refrigerator. This gives you the chance to look at them all the time, and they should portray positive words. Here are some of the positive affirmations for mothers to copy and use

  •    My pregnancy and the baby are special
  •    My baby is carefully and safely nestled in my womb
  •    I’m excited to be a mother and meet my baby
  •    My baby is developing and growing strong and healthy
  •    My body is stunning and beautiful
  •     I love the look and feel of my pregnant body
  •    I love and thank my partner for supporting my pregnancy

Fathers Positive Affirmations

  •    I Love and appreciate my partner she looks glowing and radiant
  •    I am a great and loving father
  •    My baby is growing super active and healthy

Repeating this positive affirmation is a great way of keeping negative emotions at bay.