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casual environment rights

What are casual workers and do they have any right

Bailey Jauncey Business Communication Skills

When you look around in the companies then you see the full time and part-time and even the casual workers working.  We are familiar with the full time and part-time workers but what are the casual workers?  Actually, in the simplest of terms, casual workers are the workers who don’t have any guarantee about the work and they are not liable like the full-time workers. Casual employment rights are not that much as people expect.  They are just simple workers who are called when there is a need otherwise there is no guarantee.

What are the rights they have

The full time and part-time workers do have the rights, but the casual employment rights are very minimal. They don’t have any discrimination when they are working. They can’t be fired or they can be treated poorly because of the discrimination. Given the dark has been given to the casual employee then he can advise the boss that he can’t do it but he can’t deny the task if the boss insists. There will be no deduction in the wages of the casual employee. Casual employees will get the annual Leave. They will get the minimum wage According to the law of the country. There will be no whistleblowers against casual employees.  They have the right to protection of their job if there is any whistleblower.

Do all the countries have the same laws

 There is no guarantee that all the countries will give rights to casual workers.  The casual workers have different rules and regulations in different countries and the rights of them can be differentiated according to the business company.  In general, the rights are very minimal for casual employees compared to the full-time worker.  But the burden on the casual employee is also very minimal compared to the full-time worker.  The casual employee is not liable to do every task.  The full-time worker needs to do everything even if they don’t like it.  The casual employee will not be given the task which will be very tough.  The casual employee will not work the full day.  Full day workers and part-time workers will have to give more time compared to the casual employee.  Even though casual environment rights are very minimal but still there are some which can be acquired when there is a need.